Alton YWCA Attic Apparition

   This photograph was taken in the attic of the Alton YWCA.  The bright light in front of the investigator is what an infrared emitter looks like when viewed from another night vision camera. 

What caught our attention about this photograph is the extra head behind the shelving unit.  We were the only ones in the attic at the time, and there is no explanation for the crisp profile of a human head with clear facial features.

   The attic of the Alton YWCA is one of many hotspots for paranormal activity in the building.  During the 1980’s, staff members claimed to have performed séances and Ouija Board sessions in the attic.  They even went as far as drawing a pentagram on the attic floor!

  During one of our investigations we found a small red bag tied shut with black string.  When we opened the bag we found human hair, an obsidian rock, herbs, and a human wisdom tooth. 

There is no explanation for the purpose of the bag, but when we presented it to members of the YWCA’s staff; we were told to put it back immediately! 

   This isn’t the only paranormal photograph we’ve captured in the attic of the Alton YWCA.  During our initial vetting investigation, we managed to capture a picture of several floating heads.  We also found a folder labeled “Paranormal Happenings.”  The folder had entries dating back to the early 1940’s.  The folder was given to staff members of the YWCA, and all requests to review the folder have been denied. 


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