While performing home investigations, I have noticed that I would get extremely high EMF readings throughout the entire basement or really low, close to the floorboards.  From experience, I start to scan the water pipes, and I usually find this to be the source.  W...

    Mists in the paranormal are almost as controversial as orbs.  Many investigators contribute the phenomena to water vapor or high humidity, and they are correct.  For mists to appear, you do need a high level of moisture in the air, but what I think we are really se...

   K-2 Meters are expensive and may not fit into every ghost hunter’s budget.  A simple and effective way to determine if there is an EMF field present is a simple compass.  If you are moving through a magnetic field, the compass should deflect away from magnetic north...


   There are very few subjects as controversial in the paranormal community as “Orbs.”  Orbs are the “balls of light” that appear in photographs.  They are so common that it’s rare to conduct a paranormal investigation and not capture at least one.  With t...

    I get this question a lot from potential clients:  “I had my house smudged, and the spirit came back.  What do I do now?”  My usual answer is:  “Your house was most likely cleansed incorrectly.”  Smudging, the use of burning sage to cleanse a space, is really only...

The best investigation partner I ever had was my dog, Cody. A twenty-four pound Boston Terrier that was invaluable when it came to verifying the presence of paranormal activity

    One phrase that I often hear during my ghost tours, as well from fellow paranormal investigators; “I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned to look, it disappeared.”   There is a reason for this, and it’s due to an evolutionary throwback in humans. I...

    On the sidewalk across from the Lemp Mansion is an oddly placed carriage ramp.  Most people don’t even notice it as they walk by, but this was once part of the old Zingnheim Mansion.  Once described as one of the most opulent mansions in the city, it was large enou...

   During the Halloween Bash of 2014, a band played in the William Lemp Suite.  The music was rather loud, and the sound vibrations caused part of the ceiling to collapse, exposing part of an old mural.  No one knows the exact date when it was painted.  But it is suspe...

 Just about anywhere you drive in South St. Louis; you can see the Lemp Brewery smokestack somewhere on the horizon.   Towering almost three hundred feet, it is one of the most dominant features of the brewery complex.    Many people think that the letters ISCO are pai...

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