Guests that visit the Lemp Mansion seldom notice a set of strongboxes located in the side dining room. At first glance, these look like ordinary fireplaces, bu


     I have witnessed this more than once, particularly with the Ghost and K-2 EMF Meters.  During an investigation, three EMF meters are placed next to each other on a table.  One meter will keep going off while the other two remained silent.  The investigator...


    A lot of ghost hunters think the county courthouse is the best place for information.  In our modern, more transient society, people are very seldom born in the same county where they spend their lives, and usually, pass away in a hospital in a n...

When performing EVP sessions, it is always a good idea to set your recorder down on something soft.  Sound waves can travel through solid surfaces just like they can travel through the air.  By placing your recorder on a hard surface, especially in rooms with hardwood...

    Humans have a natural ability to see on the dark, but it takes about thirty minutes for the rods and cones in our eyes to adjust.   The problem is that our eyes will immediately adjust back to normal as soon as they are exposed to any light source.  So in low light...

    When reviewing photographs that you suspect may have a captured something paranormal, the first thing you should do is block out the suspected anomaly.  Most investigators focus only on what appears paranormal and ignore the rest of the clues given in the photograp...

 It is common speculation among paranormal investigators that ghost drain batteries.  From my own experience, I have found it more likely that I placed a weak battery from a fresh pack.  I have witnessed ghost hunters say this several times; “I just put fresh batteries...

     For the beginning ghost hunter, the cost of equipping yourself can be staggering.  My advice is to be frugal.  You don’t need to buy every gadget on the market.  Most ghost hunters that I know have cases of equipment they never use.  Only buy the equipment that yo...

    I get asked this question a lot from my tour guests: “What should I do if I see a ghost?”  The first thing is not to panic.  I know it’s hard not to be scared, but always try to keep a cool head.   Panicking could lead to you possibly hurting yourself or others aro...

  As a paranormal investigator, a poltergeist is any haunting that shows a level of cognizance.  In short, any spirit that can interact in our world and shows some degree of self-awareness is considered a poltergeist.   Consider an EVP session, if the spirit you are at...

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Our group is self-funded, with the mandate to not only serve the paranormal community, but also the communities in which we live. Through our various endeavors, we not only raise money to support our own group, but we also help raise money to support private businesses, historical societies, and non-for-profit charities.


We are a small group of eclectic individuals who view the investigation of the paranormal not as a scientific endeavor, but one of personal exploration.

This philosophy allows us to present a truly unique experience, and one that you will never forget.   


The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society provides the best haunted- history and ghost tours in the St. Louis area.  We even provide the latest in ghost hunting equipment on select tours, so you can conduct an actual paranormal investigation.  

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The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society has existed for over sixteen years.  For our investigators, the paranormal is not just a hobby, it's their passion!

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