Allenton founded in 1890, was a small railroad community located along the Old Route 66 Highway.  Once a thriving community, Allenton started to decline as the area surrounding the town began to develop.  Economic shifts forced Allenton to become a community of mai...

   When people think of Lemp, the images of ghosts and the thrill of exploring the Cherokee Cave usually comes to mind.  Very few know of the history of the area before the Lemp Brewery.  The truth is before 1864; the Lemp Brewery was nothing more than a stone building...

 (Lillian Handlan "The Lavender Lady")

 (Julia Feickert Lemp)

    For years, I’ve been told that Lillian Handlan Lemp, better known as the Lavender Lady is one of the many ghosts that haunt the Lemp Mansion. I had no reason to doubt this until I learned that during the t...

    Just about everyone in St. Louis has heard of the Lemp Mansion and the Lemp Brewery. The tragic demise of the Lemp Family has become part of our urban lore. Very few St. Louisans realize that there is more to the Lemp story than ghosts. The Lemp Brewery Empire was...

   Just about everyone in St. Louis has heard about the haunting of the Lemp Mansion and the tragedies that befell the family.  What very few realize is that wasn’t the beginning of the sad Lemp Family saga, it was the end. What we know today as the Lemp Mansion wasn’t...


Nearly forgotten about in Granite City, Illinois is the Haunted Odd Fellows Cemetery.  For decades this cemetery laid abandoned and in ruin.  Many of its beautiful monuments were left toppled and overgrown.  My first visit to the Odd Fellows Cemetery was over...



   I was reading an article in the Huff Post about unsolved murders in Illinois.  One of the murders mentioned was about a Jane Doe that was found in a farm field on July 20, 1990, near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Troy O’Fallon Road.   If you look at...


   “Do you think it’s evil?” is typically one of the first questions asked at the onset of a paranormal investigation.  I understand the reason why clients ask this question, but what I don’t understand is the desire that many have for it to be true.  For the av...

   Because of the lack of medical technology and the fear of being buried alive, Victorian funeral ceremonies would last for days. The reasoning for stretching out the funeral rites was to allow time for the deceased wake up if they were mistakenly pronounced dead.   T...

   On April 16, 1917, Germany played on communist sentiment by returning Vladimir Lenin to Russia with explicit instructions to start what later would become known as the Bolshevik Revolution.  Germany was also known for tampering with American politics at this time, f...

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