St. Louis Paranormal Research Society

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Need Help? We do Paranormal Investigations!

    The knowledge and skill set of our members allows us to design, build, and research anything we need to conduct a paranormal investigation. Our realization that the study of the paranormal should be one of personal exploration, allows us to use simple, low tech approaches.  Our conclusions are based upon reason, research, and our many years of experience. 
   The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society is a small group of eclectic individuals who views the paranormal not as a scientific endeavor, but one of personal exploration. The STLPRS is a self funded group, whose mandate is to not only serve the paranormal community, but also serve the communities in which we live. Through our various endeavors, we not only raise money to support our own group, but we also help raise money to support private businesses, historical societies, and non for profit charities.
   Our society is comprised of three groups.  The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, Illinois Paranormal, and the Mid America Paranormal Society (M.A.P.S.).  Our society is open to anyone and is free to join.  All the groups in the society hold monthly meetings and outings that allow our members to investigate the paranormal and gain experience in the field.  So depending on which side of the river you live on, we have a group for you!