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Haunted Lemp Brewery Bottle Works Tour
Next Tours:  Saturdays from  1:30PM to 3PM

After the collapse of the Lemp Brewing Empire, the Lemp Brewery lived on and became the largest shoe manufacturing plant in the world.  Sold at auction to the International Shoe Company for 1/20th its value, the brewery remained a major industrial complex until it was forced to shut down due to the construction of Interstate 55.  For the next 30 years, the brewery and its dark recesses sat quietly and were nearly forgotten until it was sold again in 1993.   Even today, there are underground tunnels and basements still waiting to be rediscovered.


During this tour, you will learn the unknown history and horrific events that occurred in the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works during these 30 years of silence.  Explore the very areas and follow in the footsteps of the victims of these horrors who unfortunately met their fates in the Haunted Lemp Brewery Bottle Works

This tour is entirely inside except for a short walk outside to our entry point.  The Tour is approximately 75 minutes long.  You will be required to sign a liability wavier upon arrival.  Depending on circumstances, late guest may not be allowed to join once the tour leaves the office.  PLEASE arrive 15 minutes early.  The cost of the tour is $25 per person.  Groups are limited to 15 People, Due to the limited group size, Cancellations and Reschedules are NOT permitted.

Tours meet on the first floor:
Lemp Brewery
1820 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
(618) 340-5526

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