The Dark STL Seminar

Sunday, In April TBA

The YWCA of Alton

304 East Third Street

Alton, Illinois 62002

St. Louis Paranormal Research Society

Join the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society on Sunday, February 19th  at 1pm, as they present their Dark STL Seminar. This month's seminar will be held at the haunted YWCA of Alton. The seminar will consist of three / forty minute lectures and demonstrations.  Raffles will be held for the latest in ghost hunting equipment. After the seminar for an additional fee, a Spirit Communication session will be offered to see if the victims of a 1936 murder suicide that happened in the Alton YWCA can be contacted.  Hopefully the names of the victims and the reason for this horrible act can finally be uncovered.

The first lecture will be presented by the Dr. Michael Henry.  Dr. Henry will tell about the hauntings of St. Charles.  Hear Dr. Henry tell the amazing haunted and tragic history of one of America's oldest cities.

Also, Investigator Robert Curtis will give a lecture about Paranormal Technology. With improvements in cell phone technology, find out how this everyday device, that is currently banned by the paranormal community, can become the most useful and cheapest tool that a paranormal investigator can use to prove the existence of ghosts.

Then to wrap things up, Mark Farley, founder of the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, will talk about the "Lost Cemeteries of Lemp Avenue."  Hear about his latest research in uncovering three lost cemeteries on the Lemp Avenue, plus evidence found during a recent archaeological dig on Lemp Avenue that uncovered evidence of voodoo rituals. 

The lecture will be held on February 19th at 1pm at the YWCA of Alton, 304 East Third Street, Alton, Illinois 62202. The cost to attend is $10. Reservations are required. Tickets can be purchased at the door if and only if space permits. The cost of the After Seminar Spirit Communication Session will be $20. Once purchased, no refunds will be offered.