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Fox Theater Orchestra Pit Ghost

This picture of The Fox Theater Orchestra Pit Ghost was captured in September of 2014, during the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society’s first Fox Theater Investigation.  This image was taken with a night vision camera, and the apparition has been seen by staff over the years.  Many speculate on the identity of the ghost.   Some think it is a ghost of a past employee, others a ghost of an actor, and, some others think it could be the ghost of a lost patron.

Before the Fox Theater was built, the Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church once stood on the site. The church closed and reopened has a  theater.   The church was torn down to make way for the Fox Theater.  Could the ghost in the orchestra pit be a past member of the Presbyterian Church or an employee of the last theater to have stood on the site?  

The Fox Theater was closed in 1978 and stood abandoned for years.  Another possibility of who the ghost could be is a homeless person who died inside the Fox Theater when it stood boarded up and abandoned.

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