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Ghost of Julia Fieckert Lemp

This picture was taken in the William Lemp Suite located on the second floor of the Lemp Mansion.  We believe this to be the apparition of Julia Feickert Lemp, the wife of William Lemp Sr.  After William Lemp Sr. committed suicide in the Lavender Suite in February 1904, Julia request to be moved into the room across the hallway (the William Lemp Suite).  In January 1906 Julia was diagnosed with cancer and became bedridden.  Julia later died in April 1906.

Julia Feickert Lemp had a strong attachment to the Lemp Mansion because it was built by her parents.  It is believed to be her ghost that haunts the second floor.  We have tried and failed several times to duplicate this photograph.  Since this photograph was taken with a night vision camera, it would have required a second infra light source and a second mirror to reflect the image.  Because of the difficulty and time needed to produce this photograph, we believe it to be real.  


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