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Ghost Town of Allenton, Missouri

Located along Old Route 66, the City of Allenton was once a booming railroad community. As the economy shifted, Allenton became primarily a community of low-income houses.  In 1973 St. Louis County declared Allenton blighted and in 1985, the neighboring City of Eureka annexed the struggling community.  In 2006, the City of Eureka used imminent domain to force the Allenton residents from their homes.  

   Today all that remains of Allenton are abandoned streets and street signs.     According to urban legend, there was an elderly lady whose house was condemned for demolition.  The City of Eureka under imminent domain was forcing her out of her family home. Several attempts were made to persuade her to leave, but she refused.   A few days later sheriff deputies showed up to serve her a notice of eviction.  They knocked several times with no answer, so they taped the eviction notice to the front door.  When construction workers showed up to tear down the house, the letter was still taped to the door.  When entered the house to make sure it was empty, they found the elderly woman dead sitting in her living room chair.   Today visitors to Allenton claim to see the elderly lady standing in her yard still defiant.  Some say that even in the afterlife, she still refuses to abandon her property.

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