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Grandel Theatre Shadow Figure

Grandel Theater was built in 1884 and was originally known as The First Congregational Church.  Later, when the First Congregational Church disbanded, the building sat vacant for many years until it became home to the Black Repertory Theatre.  In 2013 The Black Repertory Theater moved and the stately limestone church once again sat vacant until purchased by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in 2016.  

During recent construction, there have been several reports by employees witnessing paranormal activity.  Nobody knows for sure who haunts the theatre, but this shadow figure has been seen at the bottom of the stairs leading into the basement, the theatre’s “Green” room, and wandering through the winding corridors under the main stage.  

This photograph was captured by Wendy Colona during an investigation of the Grandel Theatre in September 2017.


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