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Halloween Night at the Old Courthouse

Tuesday October 31st, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

 One of St. Louis’ oldest and most iconic structures, the Old Courthouse has stood as a symbol of justice, hope and freedom since 1839. Predating the Gateway Arch by over 125 years, this historically significant and architecturally stunning building has played a pivotal role in local, as well as American History.

The Old Courthouse museum houses some of St. Louis’s oldest historical artifacts and the building has served as the site of several notorious court cases, including the scandalous divorce of Beer Baron William Lemp Jr. and Lillian “The Lavender Lady” Handlan.

Rumors of Courthouse hauntings have circulated for well over a century, making it a place of interest to paranormal investigators. In one documented case, an overnight security guard heard footsteps inside the building so clearly, police were called to investigate. They arrived in a hurry… only to find the building empty!

For one night only, special permission has been granted, allowing the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society to present the FIRST EVER paranormal history tour inside one of St. Louis’ most historical and haunted buildings!

Cost is $35 per/person for this One Time Event!

Tours meet at the West Entrance on Broadway

St. Louis Old Courthouse

11 North Fourth Street

St. Louis, MO 63102

The East Entrance to the Old Court House, ca. 1910. #STLPRS #seeAghost Photo; Missouri Histroy Museu
Old St. Louis Courthouse, Fourth to Broadway, Market to Chestnut Streets, 1934. #STLPRS Photo Alexan
The Old Court House, ca. 1920. #STLPRS #seeAghost #oldSTL #AllThingsLemp
Old Court House, 1946.  Photo Missouri History Museum
Old St. Louis Courthouse, ca. 1910. #STLPRS Photo; Pruitt Igoe Myth, Flickr
The Old Court House, ca. 1920. #STLPRS #seeAghost #oldSTL #AllThingsLemp
The Old Courthouse, circa 1850's.  Photo lincoln.lib edu
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