The haunting of the Alton YWCA was kept a strict secret for nearly 80 years. Join the STLPRS and spend the night  exploring and investigating this huge labyrinth of a building, that is home to three very active ghosts. This event caters to both the expert and novice ghost hunters. We will supply all the equipment you will need to conduct your own investigation of this very haunted building, including our specially built night vision cameras. You will be given full access to the building and allowed to roam freely through this massive complex. The event will start at 10:00pm and last until 2am.

     The event cost $40 per person / pre-paid, and reservations are required since we limit the number of people who can attend. Payment confirms your reservation.  All information about the event will be emailed to you upon payment.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  (618) 340-5526 or email us at

Overnight Investigation of the Haunted Alton YWCA

St. Louis Paranormal Research Society

YWCA of Alton

304 East Third Street

Alton, Illinois 62002

Next Tour: Saturday, July 15th at 10pm