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Jarrot Mansion

  Nicholas Jarrot completed the mansion in 1807.  Most of the construction was performed by slave labor and the primary building material brick was made on site.  During recent restoration efforts, several walls were opened, and evidence of voodoo rituals were found hidden inside.  It is believed that the Jarrot slaves performed these rituals and hid these cursed items throughout the mansion in an attempt to curse the family.  There is also a story that in the 1830's the Devil himself paid a visit to the mansion.  There is a quarantine room under the main staircase where the sick and the dying were placed.   They would be locked inside this small room so they could be sealed off from the rest of the world.  They would remain in the quarantine room until they were cured or died from their illness.

    It is said that lights can be seen in the windows at night.  During the day, voices and footsteps can be heard wondering the halls.  There have also been several sightings of unusual mists and apparitions by Jarrot Mansion caretakers.

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