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Lafayette Park

     One night while walking Cody Dog through Lafayette Park, we encountered a strange figure on the bridge located in the Southeast corner.  As I stood in the middle of the bridge observing the strange figure, I noticed it was somewhat translucent.  It walked to the end of the bridge and exited to the left, then walked down a set of steps, and under the bridge.  I looked over the right side of the bridge expecting the figure to pass back into view, but it never reappeared.  I then proceeded down the same set of steps the figure took under the bridge.  I saw nothing; the figure must have disappeared when it went out sight.   Several people have also claimed to have witnessed ghostly apparitions in Lafayette Park.  Lafayette Park was once a Union Army Garrison during the Civil War and a place where the homeless would gather to sleep during the Great Depression.  I wonder if the figure is that of a Union Solider still on security patrol or the lost soul of a homeless person who was forced to call Lafayette Park home during the Great Depression.

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