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Necromancy at The Lemp Brewery

Next Séance:  Sunday, December 3rd
From 11AM to 1PM

The one question that has never been answered is: Who exactly haunts the basements of the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works?  Join Psychic Medium Shannon Trump and Dr. Mark Farley as they attempt to answer this question.

During this two-hour event, Dr. Farley will give a one-hour guided tour of the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works Basements, where you will learn of the building’s horrific past.  Then, guests will join Shannon Trump as she conducts a one-hour necromancy session to communicate with the lost souls that haunt the Lemp Brewery.

Reservations are required to attend this two-hour event because space is limited to just ten guests.  The cost to participate is $50 per/person, and guests will meet at our Lemp Brewery office located at 1820 Cherokee Street before the event starts.

Please arrive fifteen minutes early, and no one can join after the start of the event.  Due to the limited group size, cancellations, refunds, and reschedules are not permitted.

Event Meets At:

STLPRS Lemp Brewery Office

1820 Cherokee Street

St. Louis, MO 63118

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