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Haunted Lemp Brewery Bottle Works Tour
Next Tour: Saturday, June 26th
7-8:15 PM

   Have you ever wanted to tour the Lemp Brewery?   This tour is your opportunity to tour the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works and discover why these three basements are so haunted.  Join Dr. Mark Farley, one of St. Louis's most experienced paranormal investigators on this one-hour tour and learn about the horrific and unknown events that make these three basements one of the most haunted sites in St. Louis.   This tour is a balance of the paranormal, creepy history, and true crime. 

   The tour meets at our Lemp Brewery Tour Office located at 1820 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118.  Reservations are required due to limited tour sizes.  Cancellations and Reschedules are not permitted.

   Access to these basements are by stairs only and there will be a brief four minute walk outside from our tour office to the Bottle Works entrance.

Tours meet on the first floor:
Lemp Brewery Tour Office
1820 Cherokee Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
(618) 340-5526

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