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Lemp Brewery Vault Séance
Next Séance: Saturday, June 26th
11:45PM to 2AM

Join Dr. Mark Farley and for a Séance in the Lemp Brewery’s Main Cash Vault, the very same vault where the brewery’s wealth was stored in and distributed.  Hear the horrific stories surrounding the brewery’s two most haunted basements, and then join one of the area’s most experienced séance practitioners for a spirit communication session held in the impregnable Lemp vault located deep within the bowels of the Lemp Brewery.   This will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


The Pendulum Séance will start at 11:45PM and last until 2AM.  The cost to attend is $50 per/person and reservations are required due to the strict limit of only 4 guests. Cancellations and reschedules will NOT be permitted. To book visit:

Tours meet on the first floor:

Lemp Brewery

1820 Cherokee Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63118

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