St. Louis Paranormal Research Society

Lemp Brewery

1820 Cherokee Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63118

Tour meets in the front lobby of our first floor office at 1820 Cherokee Street.

Tour is of public spaces only

 The Lemp: "America's Most Haunted Neighborhood" Walking Tours are presented Wednesday Nights at 8pm and Every Friday and Saturday Night at 7pm and 9pm

        The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society will be offering The Lemp "America's Most Haunted Neighborhood" Walking Tour.   Come hear the amazing Haunted History of the Lemp Neighborhood. Explore the darker Side of St. Louis,  All You need to bring is your Courage!.  The walking tour of public spaces is approximately 1.5 hours and will meet at 1820 Cherokee Street. Come walk with Investigators of the STLPRS as they tell the amazing haunted history of America's Most Haunted Neighborhood. Cost for the tour is $20.   For Reservations click the Red "Book Now" button above, or call (618) 340-5526

         Everyone has heard of the infamous haunting of the Lemp Mansion, but few know that the Lemp Mansion is just one site in a cluster of hauntings!  Join members of the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society and walk through "America's Most Haunted Neighborhood."  Hear the tragic history of the Lemp Family told by actual ghost hunters who investigate the Lemp Mansion on a weekly basis.  Learn about Francis Tumblety who lived in the South St. Louis and was considered the number two suspect for being Jack the Ripper.  See the first St. Agatha's Convent that was built in 1850 and learn of the mysterious fire in 1870 that lead to the tragic death of a nun.  Walk the lost Whitnell's Alley and Gate Street while you listen to the forgotten urban legend of the Screaming Lady.  That only just a few stops you will visit in America's Most Haunted Neighborhood!