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Lemp Legacy, "St. Louis' Most Haunted Ghost Tour"

Next Tour: Tuesday, February 13th

This is indeed “St. Louis’ Most Haunted Ghost Tour.”  Join Dr. Mark Farley and his investigative team as you tour the Lemp Mansion, ranked as the Fourth Most Haunted House in the United States.  You will be presented with photographic evidence gathered over a decade of research conducted by The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society, and you will be able draw your own conclusion about the Haunting of the Lemp Mansion, St. Louis’ Most Haunted House.

Then you will be taken to the basement of the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works, where a gruesome serial killer in the 1990's imprisoned his victims.  Some of his victims were held captive in the basement for months at a time.  Look down into the infamous “Pit” where these women were forced to spend the last terrifying months of their lives.  Then hear the experiences of paranormal investigators gained during their investigations of one of the creepiest basements in St. Louis.

Lemp Legacy, “St. Louis’ Most Haunted Ghost Tour” is held on Tuesday Nights, with tours starting at 7PM.  The Cost of the tour is $35 per/person.  

Due to the limited size of the tours, cancellations and reschedules will not be permitted.

Tours Meet At:

Lemp Mansion

3322 DeMenil Place

St. Louis, MO 63118

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