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The Lemp Mansion's Nursery Room

This is a picture of the Lemp Mansion's Nursery Room door.  Captured while conducting a ghost tour on the second floor.  The apparition came up to the frosted glass door for a moment and then disappeared.  We think this could be the ghost of Zeke, also known as the “Monkey Boy.”

The Nursery Room is one of the few areas that are off-limits to the public, and nobody knows for sure why.  There are rumors that someone became trapped inside the room during renovations in the 1980’s. The individual was said to be so scared that it took him twenty years to build up enough courage to come back into the mansion.  If you ask anyone who works at the Lemp Mansion what the room is used for, their response is usually “Storage.”  Many psychics believe that this room is the heart of the Lemp Mansion haunting.  

Nobody knows how the room became known as the Nursery since there were no Lemp children born inside the mansion.  The room was added during renovations in the 1890’s.


The room is kept locked 24/7.  The owners are the only ones allowed to go inside, and they never go in alone.  When there is a need to go into the room, one goes inside while the other waits by the door.  When finished, the room is immediately locked.  It is a strict rule among Lemp Mansion employees that no one is allowed inside the Nursery Room.


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