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Lemp Mansion's Peek-A-Boo Ghost

    These photographs were taken by Lemp Mansion Guest Catherine Lynn on May 18, 2017.  While touring the Lemp Mansion, she took these two pictures of her sister sitting in the third-floor kitchenette area.  These pictures were taken in series just moments apart.  In the first picture, it is just her sister sitting at the table.  In the second picture, you can clearly see something in the glass looking around the corner of the double doors.   Faint facial features can also be seen in the shadow like feature in the second picture.  Catherine and her sister were the only two people in the kitchenette area at the time of these photographs.  If there were anyone else in the area, they would have been noticeable in the reflection of the glass doors. 

   We are not sure what spirit is looking through the glass.  It could be Zeke, or it could be the spirit commonly referred to as the Peek-A-Boo Ghost.  The Peek-A-Boo Ghost has been seen numerous times looking through the second and third story windows of the Lemp Mansion.  Before this photograph, the Peek-A-Boo Ghost was most commonly seen looking into the front windows of the William Lemp Suite located on the second floor. 

   We believe the Peek-A-Boo Ghost is most likely a tenant from when the Lemp Mansion was used as a boarding house.  No one knows for sure how many people lived or died in the Lemp Mansion during its boarding house days.  Many of the nameless ghosts haunting the Lemp Mansion are believed to be ex-tenants of the boarding house and ex-patients of the Marion Hospital. The conditions of the Lemp Mansion during its boarding house days were said to be appalling.  Tenants were said to have lived in near squalor-like conditions. 

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