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Lemp Mansion's Shadow Figure

This photograph was taken by Dan Parr, an overnight guest of the Lemp Mansion in 2013.  In the photo, you can see a shadow figure standing in the doorway of the Charles Lemp.  Some believe this to be the ghost of Charles Lemp because he committed suicide in this room.  Another possibility is it could be the ghost of Julia Feickert Lemp.

Julia Feickert Lemp had a strong attachment to the Lemp Mansion because it was the home her parents built it in 1868.  The mansion was later sold to William Lemp Sr. and Julia in 1878 and was their primary residence until 1906.  
In February 1904, William Lemp Sr. committed suicide in what today is known as the Lavender Suite Parlor.  He ate brunch, read the paper, produced a revolver from his vest pocket, and shot himself in the head.  

The suicide of her husband affected Julia.  After Williams’ funeral, she requested to be moved into the room known today as the William Lemp Suite. Julia claimed the William Lemp Suite as her bedroom until April 1906.  When she became bedridden with cancer in the final weeks of her life, she requested to be moved back into the master bedroom where her husband committed suicide.  She passed away just a few feet from the table where William Lemp Sr. shot himself.  

Many have seen a shadow figure on the second floor of the Lemp Mansion.  We believe it’s the ghost of Julia Feickert Lemp, still after all these years, patrolling the halls of her family home.

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