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Lemp Mansion Séance

Next Séance:  January 30th
Sessions 7-8 PM & 9-10PM

      Ever wonder who haunts the Lemp Mansion?   This question is asked on every signal tour.  Here is your chance to find out!  Join renowned psychic medium Shannon Trump and the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society as they present an actual séance in one of America’s Most Haunted Houses.

        During these one-hour séances, Shannon will communicate with the spirits that haunt the Lemp Mansion and try to find the answers to one of St. Louis’ Greatest Mysteries: Who exactly haunts the Lemp Mansion, and why do they choose to remain?


The Séance will be held in the Lemp Mansion, 3322 DeMenil Place, St. Louis, MO 63318.   Sessions will be held from 7-8 PM and 9-10 PM.  The cost to attend is $65 per person.  Reservations are required, and cancellations or reschedules are not permitted due to limited group sizes.  Please arrive 15-minutes early, because once the Séance starts nobody will be allowed to join.

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