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Martin Boismenue House

    The Martin Boismenue House in North Dupo, Illinois was built in 1790 and is one of the oldest structures in Southern Illinois. The simple two-room French log cabin has been shuttered for decades.   Currently owned by the State of Illinois, the structure is starting to fall into disrepair due to the lack of upkeep caused by the state's ongoing budget crisis.  

    I grew up in Dupo, Illinois and remember when the house was still a residence.  The house was in the process of being torn down when the original log cabin portion was discovered.  Sometime in the earlier part of the century, a more modern structure was built around the historic log cabin.  A preservation society formed in the late 1970's to restore the cabin.  Once restoration efforts were finished, the historical society could not afford to maintain the Martin Boismenue House, so stewardship of the property was handed over to the State of Illinois.  

    Throughout the years I have heard several ghost stories about the house.  Some have claimed to hear voices coming from inside.  Others have seen apparitions on the porches at night.  Early French style homes were often built with large front porches so people could sleep outside on hot summer nights.  This design feature could be a possible explanation for why the apparitions are seen on the porches at night.  There is also an urban legend of graves located in the old root cellar.  

    Some local investigators have claimed to get unusual EMF readings and curious Frank's Box responses while standing on the porches.  The house doesn't have electricity, so the strange EMF readings cannot be explained.  

    Unfortunately, due to the state's budget crisis, the historic site will most likely not be staffed and opened to the public.  I fear without access, it will be nearly impossible to verify the cabin's haunting. 

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