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Memorial Cemetery

    The first grave in St. Genevieve’s Memorial Grave Yard dates back to 1796.  Due to the varied history of the area, the cemetery over the years has been broken down into three sections, Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant sections.   There are rumors that the graveyard sets on top of a sacred Indian burial ground.  Gravediggers have claimed to find human remains when opening up new graves.  The last of these claims go back to 1882 which is the last grave to be dug in Memorial Cemetery.   Visitors to the graveyard have reported the feeling of being watched and followed.  Some have claimed to have heard footsteps behind them as they walk through the cemetery.  For years Memorial Cemetery was abandoned and left to ruin.  During this time it is suspected that some of the graves were vandalized by body snatchers and grave robbers. 

     There are no official records to show exactly how many people are buried in Memorial Cemetery.  Some reports claim that there are at least three to five thousands graves.  Many of the graves have been lost because many graves were marked with wooden headstones.  These headstones have since rotted away, and the names of those interned in these graves have been lost and now known only to time.  I suspect that is why the cemetery was closed to new burials.  If there are three thousand to five thousand graves at Memorial, many of which are unmarked.  There is a high probably that any new interments at the cemetery would disturb older graves. 

   According to many who have visited, there is supposed to be a ball of light that travels inside the cemetery at night.  Some have also claimed to have seen a shadow person walking among the graves.  According to urban legend, those who are brave enough to visit the cemetery on Halloween Night are said to join the spirits of Memorial Cemetery by the next Halloween. 

   Memorial Cemetery in St. Genevieve is said to be the oldest in Missouri.

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