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Lemp Mansion's Mirror Ghost

  This Picture was taken by Nicole Goodwin in the William Lemp Suite of the Lemp Mansion around 2013.  For me, the William Lemp Suite is one of the more active areas of the Mansion.  If you look in the mirror, you can see a partial face.  Many think this could be the ghost of William Lemp Jr. 


   Many guests have reported seeing paranormal phenomena in the mirrors of the Lemp Mansion.   It’s not unusual at the Lemp for two guests to look into a mirror and seeing a third unfamiliar face peering back out.   Many believe that mirrors are portals to the other side and ghosts use mirrors as gateways to cross over from their dimension to ours.  This belief goes back thousands of years.  For example, during the Victorian Era, families would cover the mirrors in their homes during times of mourning.  Covering mirrors with a black cloth was done out of respect for the dead, but also to prevent the spirit of their deceased loved one from being trapped in our dimension, thus being prevented from finding eternal rest. 


   Many have also seen spirits in the mansion’s basement mirrors.  There are two mirrors in the basement that are on opposite walls facing each other.  The seemingly endless reflection seen in these two mirrors is known as the “infinity effect,” because the same reflection seems to go on forever.  Many times in the infinity effect people have seen an extra figure in one of the distant reflections.  Nobody knows for sure why this happens, but I believe that each reflection is looking deeper into the other dimension where spirits are supposed to reside.  Like peeling away layers of an onion, eventually, you will come to the layer where the apparition resides.  The boundary between our dimension and the spirit realm is often referred to as a veil.  To witness this type of paranormal phenomena, one has to look long and hard into each of the multiple reflections, because it is very easy to miss.


   So next time you are at the Lemp Mansion taking pictures, take the time to photograph the mirrors.  You may just get lucky and get a glimpse of a spirit trapped on other side of the paranormal veil

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