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The Dark Lecture Series:
My Experiences Using the Ouija Board
May 19th, 1130AM-1PM

Book the After Event, 130PM

One of the controversial topics in the Paranormal Community is Ouija Boards.  Most people think they are evil, and some are afraid to be even in the presence of one.  Based on my 32 years of experience using Ouija Boards, I have found them to be one of the most accurate ways to communicate with spirits.  The Ouija Board is one of our society's most taboo and misunderstood items.   In this month's Dark Lecture, I will talk about the history of Ouija Boards, common misconceptions, and some of my personal experiences using Ouija Boards.  This lecture is free to attend.

Our office will open at 1130AM, where you can meet our team members and shop in our metapsychical shop.  The lecture will start at 12PM and last until about 1PM.  The After Event will start at 130PM. 

The Lecture is FREE, and will be held at our Lemp Brewery Office at 1820 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO 63118. 

The After Event

Join Dr. Mark Farley as he uses the infamous Mama Board in the Lemp Brewery Bottles Works and attempts to elicit the help of the spirit attached to the Mama Board to figure out who is haunting the Lemp Brewery Bottle Works. The After Event Ouija Session will last one hour and costs $15 per/person.

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