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Ouija Board Séance
Next Séance:  Call to Schedule, Min 4 People
10PM - 12AM

Marketed since its beginning as a game, the Ouija Board has gained a dangerous reputation that's made it taboo in our society. 

Join Dr. Mark Farley of the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society and participate in a real Ouija Board Seance in our very own seance parlor located in the Lemp Brewery.    The seance is designed to have an instructional component and a practical portion so you can learn to conduct your own Ouija Board Seances.  ALL PERSONS ATTENDING THE SEANCE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE.  Attendance will be strictly limited to four guests.  
Join us at our Lemp Brewery Office, for a unique experience you will not forget.   The cost to attend is $50 per/person.  Seances start at 10PM and Last until 12AM

Seance will be held at:

Lemp Brewery

1820 Cherokee Street

St. Louis, MO 63118

(618) 340-5526

Cancellations and Reschedules will NOT be permitted. anyone arriving late will not be allowed in and will forfeit their cost of admission. 

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