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Fort Davidson
Pilot Knob, MO
Oct 21st 7-10PM

 The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has granted the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society unprecedented access to the site of the bloodiest Civil War battle in Missouri, Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob.  For one night only, on October 21st, you will be allowed to investigate the site where over 1600 soldiers (1400 Confederate, 200 Union) lost their lives during a vicious two-day battle.   

         The battle of Fort Davidson / Pilot Knob was the action that saved St. Louis and prevented Missouri from falling to the Confederacy.  Technically a loss for the Union, their courageous stand against an enemy that outnumbered them by more than ten to one weakened the Confederate forces enough that an attack on their next stop St. Louis, would be unfeasible. 

         Investigators will be allowed to explore the earthen Fort Davidson itself, the battlefields where so many men lost their lives, the visitor center where artifacts from the battle are displayed, and the mass grave site where more than 1600 men are interned.

         Rumors of the haunting of Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob have circulated for almost 160 years.  Visitors to the site have claimed to have seen disembodied soldiers and heard the agonizing pleas from those dying during the battle.  This one-night event is your chance to verify and experience the haunting of one of the bloodiest sites in Missouri.

         The Investigation will be held on October 21st and will run from 7PM to 10PM, the cost is $65 per/person.  This event will run rain or shine, no refunds, you can bring your own ghost hunting equipment and we will have equipment to loan.

The Earthen Fort Davidson

Investigators will have access to the earthen Fort Davidson.  The fort was laid siege to for two days.  The Union forces trapped inside were able to sneak out pass the Confederate forces in the middle of the night.


The Battlefields

Investigators will also be able to explore the battlefields where so many lost their lives.   According to urban legends, visitors have seen disembodied soldiers walking along the tree lines.


Confederate Gravesite

Investigators will also get to explore the mass gravesite where 1400 Confederate Soldiers and 200 Unions soldiers are interned.  Where it is said the cries from dying soldiers can sometimes be heard. 

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