St. Louis Paranormal Research Society

The Haunted Seven Gates of Hell in Collinsville, Illinois

     The Seven Gates of Hell are a series of railroad trestles that run along Lebanon Road, Southeast of Collinsville, Illinois.   Gates three and four  are said to be the most active, and  the site of supposed Satanic Activity.  The claims of occult activity seemed to be supported by the numerous animal carcasses found between gates three and four.   Many think these are animals used for ritual sacrifice.  There are also claims of a malevolent spirit that protects gates three and four.  This malevolent spirit chases off any would-be trespassers away from the occult ritual sites.  Some have heard the sound of dogs in the distance, but they never seem to appear.  Visitors who have seen these phantom dogs claim they are actually hell hounds.  There are also stories of a black car that chases off any unwanted visitors that happen to stop during nights that rituals are being performed.