My Personal Views on Paranormal Investigation

Long ago I realized that it was a futile effort to prove the existence of the paranormal. No matter how many pictures I took, hours of video I filmed, and the number of EVP’s I recorded, none of these actions would ever give conclusive proof of the existence of ghosts. For me, the study of the paranormal had to become one of personal exploration, not one of scientific endeavor. Now, this doesn’t mean I quit trying to explain how or why ghosts exist. I just quit trying to prove it to others.

I consider the study of the paranormal to be a pseudoscience. Not because I think the paranormal community is pursuing a false course of study. I call it a pseudoscience because it is impossible to study the paranormal without involving some element of belief. I know many investigators say they are using a scientific method, but in reality, the paranormal community is trying to prove existe