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Deadlier Than Any Attachment: Ghost Hunting Tip No.1

By Dr. Mark Farley

Over the last several years, I have lost three friends to respiratory infections caused by inhaling dangerous spores found in bird and bat droppings. I cannot emphasize enough how potentially hazardous bird and bat droppings are when found in even moderate amounts. The spores found in bird and bat droppings contain a fungus called Histoplasma Capsulatum, and they need a warm wet place to spawn. Your lungs are the perfect breeding ground for them! Illnesses caused by these spores can take anywhere from three to seventeen days after exposure to occur. Symptoms are similar to that of the flu, pneumonia, and Covid 19.

Since the symptoms take so long to occur and mimic other illnesses, it is often difficult for medical professionals to diagnose. If you are investigating or exploring old barns, buildings, houses, or caves, and encounter bird or bat droppings, do not stir it up and leave immediately. A filter mask may not prevent illnesses caused by these spores because they can also enter through your eyes. Most viruses you catch often enter the body through the eyes.

I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous bird and bat droppings are; please be careful!


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