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Fuse Boxes and K-2 Meters: Ghost Hunting Tip No.2

By Dr. Mark Farley

I see this mistake often with investigators using an EMF Meter, such as a K-2. When the investigator locates the Fuse or Circuit Breaker Box, they immediately press their K-2 meter up against it, and of course, they get a reading. Then automatically, attribute every EMF anomaly they get in that area to be caused by the fuse/circuit breaker box. The best way to eliminate the fuse/circuit breaker box as a possible cause of EMF spikes is to do a range reading.

NEVER TOUCH the fuse box for safety and liability reasons. First, get close to the fuse box and get a baseline reading, step one foot back and take another reading, and then step back another foot and take another reading. Continue doing this until you no longer get an EMF reading from the fuse box. Then mark that spot. Any reading inside a 180-degree arc around the fuse box is suspect; any reading outside of the 180 arc can be considered a legitimate anomaly. You will be surprised that EMF fields caused by the fuse box in most houses will usually drop to zero at around two to three feet.


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