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South-side Park

    Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood of Belleville, Illinois is South-side Park.  About twenty years ago, some teenagers stole a car and went joyriding.  After they were finished with their antics they decided to ditch the car in the narrow end of the lake in South-side Park.  After driving the car into the lake, they vanished.   Till this day, no one knows who actually stole the car.  After a few hours, a tow truck was dispatched to pull the car out from the lake.  The tow truck driver waded into the water and hooked up his tow cable.  When he started winching the car out of the water, the tow cable wrapped around his leg and pulled him under the surface.  Upon being pulled under the water, the tow truck driver lost the winch control box and could not mechanically loosen the cable from around his leg.   The tow truck driver struggled to free himself but failed. 

     Today visitors to South-side Park, especially at night have seen a shadow figure walking up and down the trail near the narrow end of the lake where the car was ditched.   Some have also claimed to have seen the shadow figure near the playground equipment near the opposite side of the lake.  The ghost is often seen lurking out of the corner of your eye.  When one turns to look at it, it quickly disappears.  I witnessed this when I was shooting the video for our website.  Others have heard the splashing of water at the narrow end of the lake.  This could be the residue imprint left behind from the tow trucks driver’s desperate attempt to free himself from the tow cable.   The shadow figure does not seem to be malevolent, just curious.   Ghost Hunters have registered EMF spikes on their K-2 Meters and recorded EVP’s at the narrow end of the lake.  The haunting does seem to be the most active near the time when the tow truck driver drowned.

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