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East St. Louis Torture Chamber

     June 2010 in an abandoned warehouse on Front Street, East St. Louis Police found a makeshift torture chamber.  Two men would lure the homeless into the abandoned warehouse by offering food and liquor.  Once inside the two men would subdue their potential victim and tie him to a chair.  Once restrained the two men would begin torturing the person to death. Their torture methods were designed to keep the victim alive as long as possible.  Sometimes their victims would be tortured for days.   When police raided the warehouse, they found a meat clever, hacksaw, drywall saw, metal shears, claw hammer, rope, tin snips, and binding material.  All of the items found by police had blood residue on them.  Police are not for sure how many homeless people were tortured to death inside the warehouse.  The two men were professed Satanist and the police believe the victims were tortured to death as part of an occult ritual.   The torture chamber was only discovered when one of their potential human sacrifices escaped.  Once police arrived at the warehouse, they found a burn pile where the two Satanists tried to dispose of their victims.  There was also another burn pile of dismembered limbs and other body parts. 

     The abandoned warehouse was torn down in 2013.  Both men were captured and convicted.  They are both serving multiple life sentences.  The site is reported to still be haunted.

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