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Lemp Brewery Bottle Works

Open for Private Investigations

Built in 1907, the Lemp Bottle Works was one of the newest buildings in the complex.  During the Lemp Era, it served as the “Revenue Plant,” where every drop of Lemp beer passed through its pipes to be measured and taxed.  After  being p purchased by the International Shoe Company, the building was converted into a print shop where all their labels, boxes, and advertisements were printed.

For years the damp and gloomy basement of this massive structure was sealed off and was all but forgotten, leaving whatever lonely spirits to lurk undisturbed in the darkness for decades.

If an eerie underground dungeon like space isn't enough, you can also explore the top floor of the Bottle Works! This 10,000 sq ft open area is surrounded by brick and 47 Gothic arched windows that give this unique space a look and feel that could rival any other haunted building.

The STLPRS has turned this unique building into a  "paranormal laboratory," not a ghost tour.  This is a rare opportunity for investigators to gain access to a known haunted building and conduct a private investigation, without having to worry about interruptions or contamination from others.

Minimum of 3 investigators are required to book the Bottle Works.  The cost is $65 per person for 3 hours.  To book call (618) 340-5526.

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