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The Jarrot Mansion, One of the Most Haunted Houses in Southern Illinois

The Jarrot Mansion in Cahokia, Illinois, was completed by Nicholas Jarrot in 1807. Built by slaves, the Jarrot Mansion is the oldest brick structure in Southern Illinois and quite possibly the most haunted. During recent renovations, work crews had to open up walls for maintenance and found the hidden remains of several animals. Some think this could be evidence of voodoo rituals performed by slaves to curse the Jarrot Family.

Under the staircase, there is a small quarantine room where the sick and dying were placed. Members of the family would pray outside the door for their well being but dare open the door until the occupant was cured or had passed away. Visitors to the mansion have heard cries of help, screams, and moaning coming from this small room. Many claim this to be a ghost of a family member that was once locked inside and left to die. Visitors and staff have also reported hearing the sound of footsteps walking across the wood plank floors. In the 1896 book "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land," there is an eyewitness account of the Devil visiting the Jarrot Mansion in the 1830s.

Police responding to alarm calls from the mansion have reported seeing lights moving across the windows. When the officers investigate, they find all the doors and windows secure and no evidence of a break-in. Residents driving past the mansion at night have also reported seeing these strange lights.

The State of Illinois now owns the Jarrot Mansion, and its condition has deteriorated due to recent budget cuts. Lack of funding and staffing shortages have permanently closed the site to the public. You can still visit the mansion during the day, but unfortunately, you won't be able to get inside.

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