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Tips for Doing Family Research During a Paranormal Investigation

A lot of ghost hunters think the county courthouse is the best place for information. In our modern, more transient society, people are very seldom born in the same county where they spend their lives, and usually, pass away in a hospital in a neighboring county. This means the county courthouse in which they lived will neither have their birth or death certificates. County governments were formed primarily for land registration, and it is tough to find out information about a property that dates back more than ten years unless it is specified in the deed. People usually go to a church close to where they live. If their church maintains records and they will allow you access, this is often the best place to start. Also, the cemetery in which they are buried is an excellent place to look for information. The cemetery will have information on which funeral parlor interned the body. The funeral home will have information on where they received the body and the name of the family member who arranged the funeral. The funeral home will most likely be able to give you a clue which county the death certificate is located. From the death certificate, you can find their birthplace, their parent’s names, and how they passed. They are very rare nowadays, but a family bible is a wealth of information. In the past, families wrote important events such as births, deaths, and marriages, inside their bibles. Sometimes pictures of family members were placed between the pages. Family Bibles are usually passed down from generation to generation and is considered a primary source for research. If a family bible contains such information, it's usually accepted as proof by most government agencies.

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