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Uranium and Spirit Communication?

By: Dr. Mark Farley

When one thinks of Uranium, one usually imagines nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs. One of the rarest elements on earth, isotopes of Uranium are preferred when a fission reaction is needed to generate large sums of energy.

Uranium can release enough energy to power thousands of homes or destroy entire cities. An unfortunate by-product of harnessing this energy is radiation. If not properly managed, this deadly by-product can contaminate entire ecosystems, leaving them barren and uninhabitable for centuries.

I was researching some of the metapsychical properties of metals when I came across Uranium. I was shocked because I would have never thought a metal this dangerous would have any use in the paranormal. The metaphysical properties of Uranium are as follows; “Uranium is the shapeshifter metal. With its many aspects, it can become whatever the observer is most interested in, and it has aspects of all major metals combined within it. It can be used to awaken sleeping aspects of the self and to discover more of the whole story in any context (Hartmann).”

It was the last sentence in the quote that intrigued me. Because in the paranormal, trying to discover the whole story in any context is what every paranormal investigator should strive to accomplish. Attempting to answer three simple questions during an investigation separates paranormal investigators from paranormal thrill seekers, and that is the ability to answer who, when, and why. If you can answer these questions through research, evidence gathering, or psychically, you have conclusively “discovered the whole story.” Place that story into context, and in my opinion, you have done a thorough investigation.

So, how can Uranium be used in spirit communication? First off, in its refined form, it can’t. It is too dangerous to be handled by someone who isn’t trained, and it’s illegal for U.S. citizens to own Uranium (Prohibited transactions involving nuclear materials). This metal is so dangerous that over the last two decades, the United States Government has proven it will invade and wage war against any prohibited country that tries to enrich Uranium for use in fission reactions. So you won’t be able to visit your local metapsychical shop and buy it. Also, no business authorized to handle Uranium is going to sell it to you. Fortunately, I found a way.

Starting in the 1830s, glass manufacturers started using Uranium in glass production. Those deep yellows and transparent greens are only achieved by adding Uranium to glass during the coloring process. Examples of Uranium glass from the early 1900s can contain up to 25 percent by weight of Uranium (Frame).

You can tell if you have an authentic piece of Uranium glass by exposing it to an Ultra Violet light. Under UV light, Uranium glass will have a bright green glow. This glow is caused by the excitation of electrons, which causes them to transition between energy states. A photonic emission occurs as electrons move from a higher to a lower energy state. Photonic emissions are a fancy way of saying it gives off light, and light is a form of energy (Linder).

Uranium Glass was used in the production of everyday household items, such as bowls, plates, drinking glasses, and candle holders. Depending on your personal methods and techniques, these items can be incorporated into rituals and spirit communication sessions.

So again, what does this have to do with Uranium and Spirit Communication? Years ago, a good friend and fellow colleague Dr. Michael Henry, taught me how to use a coin pendulum during spirit communication. In Dr. Henry’s method, a copper coin is attached to the end of a pendulum and lowered into a silver chalice. As you ask questions, the copper coin will strike the inside of the silver chalice. The coin’s striking against the side of the chalice makes a ding or a bell sound. The dinging sound is a “yes” answer to your question (Henry). I’ve used this method with success in many investigations. Once you have mastered this method, you can frame your questions so you can get some very detailed results.

Once I read Hartmann’s description of the metapsychical properties of Uranium, I came up with the idea of including Uranium glass objects in my coin pendulum sessions. I started substituting a Uranium glass chalice and using a Uranium glass candle holder. I found a suitable low-wattage Ultra Violet light on Amazon to cause the Uranium Glass to fluoresce. I was amazed with my results because the metapsychical properties of Uranium and the light energy given off increased the responses during my spirit communication sessions.

The fluorescence of the Uranium glass is light energy being omitted. This increased energy, combined with Uranium’s metapsychical property of discovery, made my coin pendulum sessions more effective. Uranium glass allowed me to communicate with the spirits longer before they dropped off. I could also communicate with weaker spirits that I couldn’t reach with other methods. I was very impressed, actually shocked.

Also, since my UV light produces an insignificant EMF field and the fluorescence of the Uranium glass generates no EMF field. I could now use an EMF meter with the confidence that I wasn’t generating false readings, allowing me to incorporate an EMF meter to verify the responses in my coin pendulum sessions.

If you have a cup made from Uranium glass and can fashion or find a coin pendulum, try incorporating this method into your spirit communication sessions. You can buy items made with Uranium glass on eBay; usually, these items are pretty cheap. Once you have mastered the coin pendulum method of spirit communication, you will have a powerful and easy-to-use technique to get the answers you seek and support the evidence and research you gather during your investigations.

Uranium Cup Under UV Light

Coin Pendulum

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