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Always Watch What You Say!

Always Watch What You Say!

By: Dr. Mark Farley

During one of my Lemp Mansion Tours, a guest kept shouting, “please take some of my energy!” I remember wincing every time because I knew she didn't understand the possible repercussions of her actions.

During spirit communication, you must be careful, especially during Ouija Board sessions, not to unintentionally invite a spirit to cross over. Because anytime you ask a spirit to do anything, knowingly or unknowingly, you are giving carte blanche permission to form an attachment. You also have to be especially careful in a location such as the Lemp Mansion, a haunted site known for its many transient spirits. Spirit attachments formed from invitations are often difficult to break.

As I wrote in a previous blog, a haunting is nothing more than an attachment to a particular location. Since an attachment is an expression of a spirit’s free will, an invitation from some unsuspecting person will seem, especially to a malevolent spirit, a very tempting opportunity. No matter how innocent the phrasing, this could be all that is needed for an attachment to form (Farley).

The best way to prevent a spirit attachment is to avoid the situation altogether. But since we are all ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts, avoiding the situation is not what we do. All forms of spirit communication are dangerous. I don’t care if you use a Ouija Board or a Sony digital recorder; there is always some risk. Simple statements like, “can you give me a sign?” “Can you knock three times?” Could be all it takes to allow a spirit to cross over into our realm. I said this before, “most ghost hunters do not realize the risks they are taking during their spirit communication sessions.” I don’t care how much protection you bring with you. If you give a spirit an opportunity, no amount of protection will prevent the possible negative consequences from happening.

So next time you’re on an investigation, be aware of what you are saying. Simple statements that may seem completely harmless could be the opportunity a malevolent spirit needs to wreak havoc.

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