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Cheaper and Better Than Any Infrared Temperature Gun! Ghost Hunting Tip No.4

By Dr. Mark Farley

I prefer to use small digital thermometers instead of infrared temperature guns during an investigation. These meters cost anywhere from $5 to $7 and can be found in almost any Wal-Mart store. They use a single AAA or AA battery and are the size of a matchbox. The digital thermometer will record minimum and maximum temperatures and can be easily reset. Depending on how much you want to spend, some fancier models will read out the humidity and time.

You can purchase several of these digital thermometers for the price of one good infrared temperature gun. I usually like to position them around a room and leave. Then later, come back and check if there were any temperature fluctuations. Some digital thermometers have remote sensors that can transmit up to 100 feet, so if your group likes to set up a command center where everything can be monitored. You can place these remote sensors in suspected areas of paranormal activity and have the head unit at your command station. This allows the investigator manning your command center to monitor the temperature in any room and watch for real-time temperature fluctuations. He can alert the investigators to check out any area that shows a temperature fluctuation.


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