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Safes Hidden in the Fireplaces? Only at the Lemp Mansion

Guests that visit the Lemp Mansion seldom notice a set of strongboxes located in the side dining room. At first glance, these look like ordinary fireplaces, but when you examine them closer, you find out they were built with an entirely different purpose in mind. These were actually strongboxes that were built into the fireplaces. If you feel around inside, you will discover that there are no flue for the smoke to rise. These strongboxes were installed in the fireplaces because of the protection they gave. Fireplaces are naturally fire resistant, so if the mansion should catch fire, whatever was inside would be protected. Also, the thick brick in which the fireplaces are constructed would give additional protection from someone trying to break into them. The next time you visit the Lemp Mansion, feel around inside the strongboxes for yourself. Also look for the two pairs of hinges on either side. These supported two heavy iron doors that were removed and discarded decades ago.

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