Getting Weird EMF Readings? Check the Water Pipes

During my home investigations, I have noticed incredibly high EMF readings throughout an entire basement. If you find this, start scanning the water pipes, and you'll usually find the source. What causes this phenomenon, especially in older houses, is that the fuse box is electrically grounded to the water pipes. If there is a problem in the fuse box, excess electrical current is meant to flow through the metal water pipes to an earth ground, thus preventing a fire. I have conducted investigations in some homes and seen improperly grounded fuse boxes cause readings of over 400 micro gausses (a standard K-2 meter indicates red at 20 micro gausses) around the water pipes.

I have also found high EMF readings in houses that do not have electricity. Once again, check the water pipes. A home with an improperly grounded fuse box can cause EMF readings throughout an entire neighborhood. What happens is a house with a faulty fuse box is grounded to a metal water line; it can energize the water pipes in neighboring homes. I have overheard utility workers talking about disconnecting a water line from a house and witnessing the porch lights getting brighter or getting shocked.

So if you're investigating a house that has unusually high EMF readings, scan the water pipes and then check to see if the fuse box has a grounding wire running to a water pipe. Also, never attempt to do anything to a house's electrical system unless you're a certified and licensed electrician.

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