What I Carry During a Paranormal Investigation

Beginning ghost hunters often ask me, "What do I need to carry with me during an investigation?" My answer usually surprises them because the items I suggest seem to have nothing to do with ghost hunting.

The first items I suggest is a pen and a notebook. One's field notes can be invaluable during the review, but most paranormal investigators put very little validity in handwritten notes. Most investigators tend to want to document everything electronically, and I can understand the need. The paranormal field drills it into your psyche that if you can't document the phenomena electronically, others will not believe you. Personally, I think the paranormal field lacks a certain sense of professional courtesy. If an investigator had an experience and documents it by writing it down, it should be admitted as evidence during the review. Field notes should carry the same weight as any other type of evidence captured during an investigation.

The next thing I suggest an investigator carry is a small penlight. Not anything overpowering, but something bright enough that will allow you to change batteries, read, or figure out which buttons to push on your equipment. I carry a small single cell AAA flashlight, something I can easily carry in my pocket and hold in my mouth. Plus, your penlight could serve as a backup if your main flashlight fails.

I also carry with me a Swiss Army Pocket Knife. These are invaluable when you have to fix something or open up packs of batteries. Swiss Army Knives come in a variety of sizes and combinations. I suggest you buy one with scissors, a small magnifying glass, and a Phillips and flat tip screwdriver. People may laugh at you for carrying one, but watch how many times they will ask to borrow it.

I also wear a watch that you can easily read in the dark. A watch will allow you to timestamp your EVP sessions and document the exact time when an incident happens in your field notes. If you have repeating phenomena, you can figure out how much time elapses between incidents. This information may help you decide if something paranormal or explainable.

I could have easily included a more encompassing list, but investigators sometimes overwhelm themselves with technology. In my career, I have found that the simplest equipment often gives the best results.

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