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Is There Evidence of a Satanic Cult at the Seven Gates of Hell and Acid Bridge?

I was reading an article in the Huffington Post about unsolved murders in Illinois. One of the murders mentioned was of a Jane Doe found in a farm field on July 20, 1990, near the intersection of Lebanon Road and Troy O'Fallon Road just outside of Collinsville. This intersection is halfway between Gate Four of The Seven Gates of Hell and Acid Bridge. The unknown woman was found bound with several cuts and stab wounds to her neck and torso. Her fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries were also missing.

According to the Satanic Calendar, her murder occurred during the time of Grand Climax. Which is a satanic holiday that spans several weeks where women and children are abducted and are ritually sacrificed. No defensive wounds were found, and the body appeared to have been dumped in the field. Given the urban legends surrounding the Seven Gates of Hell and Acid Bridge about Satanism, could one of these places have been the original murder site?

During the 1980s and early 1990s, the Seven Gates of Hell and Acid Bridge were rumored to be the preferred sites for Satanic rituals. People for years claimed to have seen huge bonfires off in the woods. Being chased by a black car that would appear out of nowhere and follow them for miles. Hearing the howls of creatures often described as "Hell Hounds" off in the distance. Seeing ghosts and other evil spirits wandering through the woods and strange shadow-like figures lurking on top of the railroad trestles.

I wonder if this Jane Doe could have been a victim of a ritual sacrifice? The woman's identity has never been found, and no one fitting her description has ever been reported missing. Transient and homeless persons are often the victims of foul play. These forgotten members of our society could easily be preyed upon and never be missed. Remember the East St. Louis Torture Chamber Murders that occurred during the summer of 2010? The police found evidence of Satanic Rituals that could have been going on for over a year. All of the victims were homeless persons, and most of the victims still haven't been identified.

One night while exploring Acid Bridge, a Madison County Sheriff's Deputy stopped and told me that in July 1991, he found a body of a young woman hanging from one of the nearby trees, and the bridge was set on fire. Now a fire wouldn't have damaged a concrete bridge, but it would have destroyed any evidence of foul play. Her hanging body was found mutilated and still remains unidentified. Her murder also occurred during the time of Grand Climax.

Could these murders and the time they occurred prove there's a Satanic Cult practicing in the area? A random murder of a homeless person usually doesn't hamper much of an investigation. These murders almost always go unsolved and typically are assigned a low priority in favor of more solvable cases. The St. Louis Bi-State Area does have one of the country's highest murder rates and a sizable homeless population.

Here's something I found that is pretty amazing. The number one selling book in the St. Louis Area is the Satanic Bible. So, next time you're in a book store or metaphysical shop, ask the clerk if they have a copy of the Satanic Bible in stock. They will probably tell you, "No, but they have several copies on backorder."

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