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An Echo from St. Louis' Past on DeMenil Place

On the sidewalk across from the Lemp Mansion is an oddly placed carriage ramp. Most people don’t even notice it as they walk by, but this was once part of the old Zingnheim Mansion. Once described as one of the most opulent mansions in the city, it was large enough to take up four residential lots on DeMenil Place. The Zingnheim Mansion was built in 1870, and no expense was spared during its construction. The mansion was a testament to the family’s wealth and prosperity until it caught fire in in1920. The burned out structure remained until 1923 when it was replaced by four brick apartment buildings, which still stand today. No one remembers how the Zingnheim Mansion caught fire or even what the mansion looked like. The only reminders of this once beautiful mansion is a rusting sign telling of its history and a carriage ramp to nowhere.

Ironically over the years, each of the apartment buildings built in its place has caught fire. None of the fires were catastrophic, and the apartment buildings were able to be made habitable again.

The Carriage Ramp across from the Lemp Mansion

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