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Ouija Boards, Evil Spirits, and Fear

There isn't a single item in the paranormal community more controversial than an Ouija Board. Try using one during a paranormal investigation, and I guarantee you'll upset at least one member of your team.

There's a stigma that seems to follow the Ouija Board. Whenever I post about Ouija Boards on social media, I'll get a slew of comments about negative experiences and how the Ouija Board is the "Devil's Typewriter." I think the reason why Ouija Boards carry such a stigma in our society, other than the cult classic horror film "The Exorcist." Is from its inception, the Ouija Board was marketed and sold as a game. The Ouija Board is usually the first spirit communication device someone comes across, and typically during childhood. Almost from birth, we are programmed that anything paranormal has to be evil, so any experience we have while using the Ouija Board also has to be evil. I think youthful hysteria, combined with a perceived notion that anything paranormal has to be evil, has helped create this stigma the Ouija Board carries.

I have been using Ouija boards for over thirty years, and the Ouija Board is my default device for spirit communication. Now have I ever had a negative experience while using an Ouija board? Yes, several times! But it's how you conduct yourself during one of these negative experiences that determines the outcome. See, all forms of spirit communication are dangerous. I don't care if you are using an Ouija Board, a Pendulum, Dowsing Rods, or you're using something with Sony embossed across it. All forms of Spirit Communication is dangerous. The reason being is that when you initiate a Spirit Communication session, you are opening yourself up to whatever is out there. You are allowing yourself to be the receptor or conduit through which the spirit conveys its message.

In my personal opinion, Ouija Boards tend to be more dangerous because of the stigma they carry. When people use an Ouija Board, they already have this preconceived fear that they will have a negative experience or invoke something malevolent. It's this preconceived fear that draws the negative entities and responses most want to avoid.

Fear is everything when it comes to Spirit Communication. Nothing will draw a malevolent spirit quicker than fear. It produces an energy that is irresistible to an evil spirit. In our emotional spectrum, fear is the most primordial and usually causes the most instinctive responses. Fear is the evolutionary programming that protects us from danger. It's the emotion that triggers our fight or flight response. When we are afraid, every sense becomes heightened, and it's this raw emotional, most basic of energies created by fear that attracts malevolent spirits.

Evil spirits are drawn to fear like flies to honey. It is irresistible to them, and the more they can scare you, the more energy they have to feed and the stronger they will become. The greatest obstacle one must overcome when using an Ouija Board is fear. Our response to fear is usually governed by our basic instincts. Simple responses, such as quickly removing your hands from the planchette, is all that is needed for one to lose control of a situation.

To be safe, fear and your instinctive responses to fear are the first things you must learn to overcome. Otherwise, you're just going to become another scary story that continues to fuel the stigma of the Ouija Board.


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