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Always Say "Good-Bye!"

Whenever I post anything on Facebook about using a Ouija Board, I can always count on a few followers posting negative comments telling me how careless and stupid I am. I admit, my go-to device for spirit communication is a Ouija Board, and they are dangerous, but remember, spirit communication is always a dangerous endeavor. No matter which method you use.

Most people get a false sense of security when they use other forms of spirit communication, such as pendulums because nothing negative ever seems to happen. The reason why I think Ouija Boards have such a bad reputation is that everyone I have ever talked to has had at least one bad experience. People go into a Ouija Board session with the expectation that something terrible will happen. They seem to dwell on the possibility they may accidentally contact an evil spirit, and it will somehow escape reaping havoc. As the old adage goes, if you think something bad will happen, it most likely will, and with Ouija Boards, intent is everything.

To be good at something, you must practice; the same is true with spirit communication. It has taken me years of practice to become proficient at using a Ouija Board, and I still find myself in dangerous situations. During investigations, I prefer to use a pendulum. Not because they are safer, I use a pendulum because they are easier, and they never seem to incur the wrath of my fellow investigators. If you want to start an argument during an investigation, break out a Ouija Board. I guarantee someone will take issue with you using one. Honestly, I have gotten into more trouble using pendulums than any other spirit communication method.

The biggest mistake I found made during spirit communication sessions is that investigators fail to close their sessions when they are finished. Whenever you initiate a spirit communication session, you open a conduit, portal, pathway, gateway, or whatever you want to call it between our two realms. Failure to properly close your session will leave a dangerous opportunity for something to escape.

These portals usually don't stay open indefinitely. Most will close after a short period of time. The greatest factor I found in determining how long a portal will remain open depends on the strength of the spirit trying to get through. It takes a great deal of energy for a spirit to cross over into our realm. Despite what many think, it is not always an instantaneous process.

I have witnessed investigators conduct spirit communication sessions; then sage the entire house, thinking everything will be fine. Only to have the client call them a few days later, claiming that the spirit has returned. If they are lucky, it will only be the same spirit they banished, not something worse.

Their mistake? They failed to close out their spirit communication session when they were finished. By not closing their session properly, they unintentionally left a pathway for the spirit to cross back over. Remember, Sage doesn't close anything; it only drives out the unwanted. You may have driven the spirit from the house, but by not closing out your session, you left an opportunity for it to return. Again, if you're lucky, the same spirit you cleansed will return and not something worse.

So, remember to close out your sessions when you finish, regardless of which method you use. All you have to do is say, "Goodbye." Two simple words could save you and the client a lot of hassle and the embarrassment of having to return and correct your mistake. Also, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you think you may be losing control, say "Good-Bye" immediately. Even if a spirit escapes and crosses over, saying "Good-Bye" closes the means for other spirits to escape. Once closed, then use sage to drive the spirit back.


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